Sales Excellence

Execute successfully the company’s Go to Market strategy, optimal channel and customer mix, efficient and effective sales processes, well prepared and motivated sales people.

Sales Policy development and roll out

Way of working of sales, collection of rules, processes, procedures are the Sales Policy. It is the ultimate reference and guide to all activities in sales. With ou long years’ experience in sales management on regional and local level, we can help you developing or reviewing your Sales Policy, including the roll-out and capability building of your sales people.


Sales Academy development and delivery

Sales Academy is the frequently used name of the structured collection of sales training programs. Effective and efficient sales work is based on great knowledge and skills of sales people, therefore training is essential. Having experience in setting up sales trainings and Sales Academy, we could help you setting up your Sales Academy. We also offer specific training delivery for sales people.



Go to Market reset

Even through years of successful operation of a company, changes might be necessary in Go to Market strategy, as the external environment, the trade channels, partners and as the company strategy evolves. With our multi country experience we could help you to review and reset your Go to Market strategy and unlock additional revenue and profit potential.

Distributor and Key Account development

How to operate the distribution channel effectively and efficiently? How to co-operate and develop distributors? Which Key Account to invest in? How to build a Joint Business Plan? How to prepare for negotiations? We can help you to answer these and many other questions around trade management, on strategic / concept and also executional level. Setting up specific account development programs, building sales capabilities, coaching the sales team for successful execution are all on our list to offer.


Customer Profitability

Customer Profitability is probably known expression among sales, controlling and finance managers, however the challenge is, how to make it work in the day to day business. Setting up individual Customer Profitability Accounts, benchmarking, setting targets, measuring results could be solved with the help of Controlling and Finance colleagues. Account managers might need specific knowledge and practice to link financial figures, targets with sales activities, and sales activities with financial figures in the everyday work. We can help you to establish the necessary processes, build understanding and capabilities for your sales people how to build plans, execute based on strong link between sales activities and financial figures.


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